Audio Files and Photos, 2006

Thanks to the generosity of our host,, we are able to offer audio files of our retreat sessions and sermons. Due to the method of recording, the sound quality varies from file to file. For the most part, these files should be more than listenable.

Chapel Services and Sermons

Chapel Service 1: Liturgist, Pr. Michael Keith, Preacher, Pr. William Cwirla
Sermon from Chapel Service 1

Chapel Service 2: Liturgist, Pr. Sean Smallwood, Preacher, Pr. Ken Maher
Sermon from Chapel Service 2

Chapel Service 3: Liturgist, Pr. Bill Stanfel, Preacher, Pr. Ken Eifert
Sermon from Chapel Service 3

Chapel Service 4: Liturgist, Pr. Alex Klages, Preacher, Pr. William Cwirla
Sermon from Chapel Service 4

Plenary Sessions

The following files feature Pastor William Cwirla. There are occasional comments and questions from the group. The recordings only include the plenary sessions. The more interactive workshop sessions were not recorded.
Presentation Notes (PDF)
Plenary 1
Plenary 2
Plenary 3
Plenary 4a
Plenary 4b

Photos and other stuff

Coming soon
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