The Eleventh St. John Chrysostom Lutheran Preachers' Retreat

Rev. Hans Fiene

Hans Fiene

After a year away from the preaching retreat, we came back loud and strong with "The Preached Song: How the Art of Songwriting Can Help our Preaching" led by Rev. Hans Fiene.

Pastor Fiene is perhaps best known for his Lutheran Satire video channel on Youtube, but is also a columnist for the Federalist, pastor at River of Life Lutheran Church in Channahon, IL, and a husband and father. 2017 Audio and Photos

The annual retreat is arranged to provide a time for brothers in the Ministry to gather and discuss the art of preaching. Previous speakers include the Rev. William Cwirla (twice), the Rev. Dr. John Nunes, the Rev. William Weedon, the Rev. David Petersen, the Rev. Warren Hamp, the Rev. Klemet Preus, the Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller, the Rev. Donavon Riley, and the Rev. Brent Kuhlman. The retreat includes several opportunities for hearing preaching in the opening Service on the first evening and Matins, Vespers, and Compline are prayed throughout the retreat. There is also ample time for relaxation and casual conversation left in the schedule. LCC and LCMS pastors and seminarians are welcome to attend.

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Due to a number of factors, there was no retreat in 2016.


The Tenth Annual St. John Chrysostom Lutheran Preachers' Retreat
June 8-10, 2015

Rev. William Cwirla

William Cwirla

After 9 great years, it's time for a retrospective... back to the future! Pastor Cwirla, our inaugural speaker, is back for our 10th round with the theme "Preaching In Season and Out of Season: What To Say When You've Run Out Of Things To Say."

Pastor Cwirla is pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hacienda Heights, California. When not preaching and tending the flock, he is an accomplished baker and scuba diver. 2015 Audio and Photos


Brent Kuhlman

The theme for the 2014 retreat was "Preaching Justification". Our featured presenter for 2014 was the Rev. Brent Kuhlman.
2014 Audio and Photos


Donovon Riley

The theme for the 2013 retreat was "Gonzo Preaching". Our featured presenter for the 2013 retreat was the Rev. Donavon Riley.
2013 Audio and Photos


Bryan Wolfmueller

The theme for 2012's retreat was "Comforting Terrified Consciences". Our featured speaker was the Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller.
2012 Audio and Photos (Not available, sadly)


Woody Hamp

The theme for 2011's retreat was "Preaching as Pastoral Care". Our featured speaker was the Rev. Warren Hamp of Faith Lutheran Church, Kitchener, ON.
2011 Audio and Photos


Klemet Preus

The theme for 2010's retreat was "Preaching Doctrine". Our featured speaker was the Rev. Klemet Preus of Glory of Christ Lutheran Church in Plymouth, MN.
2010 Audio


David Petersen

The theme for 2009's retreat was "The Living God and His Living Word." This year's speaker was the Rev. David H. Petersen of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, IN. Pastor Petersen has compiled a recommended reading list to aid in preparing for this retreat. You can download a copy of it here.
2009 Audio and Photos


Rev. William Weedon

The theme for 2008's retreat was "Sacrament of the Word: Preaching and the Delivery of Forgiveness". Our featured presenter was Rev. William Weedon of Hamel, IL.
2008 Audio and Photos


Rev. John Nunes

The theme for 2007's retreat was "A Word to the Other". Dr. John Nunes, now of LWR, was our presenter.
2007 Audio and Photos


Rev. William Cwirla

Our theme for this year's retreat was "Workmen Approved: A Retreat Workshop on the Craft of Preaching". Our guest presenter for this year was Rev. William Cwirla, of Hacienda Heights, California.
2006 Audio and Photos

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