Audio Files and Photos, 2014

Thanks to the generosity of our host,, we are able to offer audio files of our retreat sessions and sermons. Due to the method of recording, the sound quality varies from file to file. For the most part, these files should be more than listenable.

Chapel Services and Sermons

Chapel Service 1: Liturgist, Pr. Arron Gust, Preacher, Pr. Brent Kuhlman
Sermon from Chapel Service 1

Chapel Service 2: Liturgist, Pr. Todd Guggenmos, Preacher, Pr. Daryl Solie
Sermon from Chapel Service 2

Chapel Service 3: Liturgist, Pr. John Rapp, Preacher, Pr. Alex Klages
Sermon from Chapel Service 3

Chapel Service 4: Liturgist, Pr. Cam Schnarr, Preacher, Pr. Brent Kuhlman
Sermon from Chapel Service 4

Plenary Sessions

The following files feature Pastor Brent Kuhlman.

Lecture 1: Complete Lecture

Lecture 2: Complete Lecture

Lecture 3: Complete Lecture

Lecture 4: Complete Lecture

Lecture 5: Complete Lecture

Lecture 6: Complete Lecture

There have been some minor edits to the audio files, and Pastor Kuhlman started speaking about 5 seconds before lecture 2 recording began. Apologies for the defectiveness of that file. I have left a lot of the chatter in the recordings as there were some interesting and important things involved in the chatter. The sermon recordings are a little on the quiet side due to limitations of recording in the sanctuary.

Photos and other stuff

A recording of Psalm 40 from Matins on Wednesday morning. Photos coming soon
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